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Abaddon (Apollyon)

Angel of death, destruction, and the infernal region. The name Abaddon comes from the Hebrew term for “to destroy” and suggests that “place of destruction.” Apollyon is that the Greek name. In MAGIC Abaddon is commonly equated with S ATAN and S AMAEL . His name is induced in conjury spells for mali- cious deeds. Abaddon is that the aristocrat WHO rules the seventh hierarchy of DEMON s, the E RINYES , or Furies, who govern powers of war,evil, discord, and devastation. Originally, Abaddon was an area ANd not an angel or being. In spiritual leader writings and therefore the Old Testament, Abad- don is primarily an area of destruction and a reputation for one of the regions of the pit (see HELL ). The term happens six times within the Old Testament. In Proverbs 15:11 and 27:20, it is named with Sheol as a district of the underworld. In Psalm 88:11, Abaddon is related to the grave and the underworld. In Job 26:6, Abaddon is related to Sheol. Later, Job 28:22 names Abaddon and Death along, implying personifi impotence beings. In R EVELATION 9:10, Abaddon is personifi ed as the king of the abysm, the bottomless pit of hell. Revelation also cites the Greek version of the name, Apollyon, prob- ably a relation to Phoebus, Greek god of pestilence and destruction.

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