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One-winged DEMON who lives within the Red Sea, plots against each wind down from the heavens, and is the enemy of Moses. In the Testament of male monarch, Abezethibou states that he once Sabbatum within the fi rst heaven, named Amelouth. He was present once Moses was taken before the Pharaoh of Egypt and was summoned to the help of the Egyptian magicians when they wanted to blame Moses. Abezethibou takes credit for turning the Pharaoh across Egypt and for incit- ing the Egyptians to chase the Israelites in their exodus. When the compound sea falls in on the Egyptians, Abe- zethibou is unfree with the pillar of air, till the demon E PHIPPAS arrives to require him to King S OLOMON . Solomon binds Abezethibou and Ephippas to the pillar (perhaps a relevance the whitish Way) and commands that they hold it up within the air till the top of your time.

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