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In German folklore, a mischievous spirit, occa- sionally malicious. There are two types of kobolds: a household kobold that is comparable to the BROWNIE and BOGGART of British folklore, and a mine kobold that is comparable to the Cornish KNOCKER and the American tommyknocker. The household kobold, when in a good mood, helps with chores, looks after horses, fi nds lost objects and sings to children to keep them occupied. Food must be left for him, otherwise he becomes angry and turns to pranks, such as pushing someone over just as they stoop to pick something up, or hiding household objects. Kobolds are given names, such as Heinze, Chimmeken and Walther. In Saxon lore, a biersal is a type of household kobold who lives in the cellar. In exchange for a daily jug of beer, he will clean bottles and jugs. The mine kobolds are almost always evil and mali- cious, and try to hinder the miners by causing accidents and rockfalls.

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