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In the Testament of Solomon, DEMON who appears in the form of a gigantic dog and who causes quartan fever. Scepter tells SOLOMON he has accomplished many unlawful deeds in the world and is so strong that he restrains the stars of heaven. He deceives men who follow his star closely and leads them into stupidity. He also subdues the hearts (thoughts) of men through their throats and destroys them. Solomon asks Scepter why he is so prosperous. The demon tells him to turn over his manservant, whom he will spirit off to a place in the mountains where he will be shown an emerald stone. The stone will adorn Solomon’s temple. Solomon does this, but he gives his servant his magical ring with which he can quell the demon. The servant retrieves the emerald, which is shaped like a leek and binds Scepter. Solomon extracts 200 shekels from the stone and locks it up. He commands Scepter and the headless demon Murder to cut marble for the temple.

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