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Remiel (Jeremiel, Phanuel, Ramiel, Rumael, Uriel, Yerahmeel)

Angel charged with leading souls to judgment. Remiel means “mercy of God.” Remiel also is called the “Lord of Souls awaiting Resurrection.” He presides over thunder, as do Ramiel and Uriel. Remiel appears in apocryphal texts. In the ENOCH books, he is identified both as one of the seven ARCHANGELS who stand before God and also as one of the FALLEN ANGELS . As an archangel, he is set over “those who rise” and is charged with spreading the instructions of all seven archangels. In 4 EZRA he is equated with Jeremiel and Uriel, and in the Apocalypse of Baruch he destroys the army of Sennacherib.

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