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Raziel (Akrasiel, Gallizur, Rasiel, Ratziel, Reziel, Saraquel, Suriel)

Angel of the secret regions, chief of the THRONES , and chief of the Supreme Mysteries, who is charged with guarding the secrets of the universe. The name “Raziel” means “secret of God” or “angel of mysteries.” Raziel is important in Kabbalistic and rabbinic lore, and in apocryphal writings, especially the book of ENOCH . Raziel is best known as the keeper of the SEFER RAZIEL , or the Book of the Angel Raziel, a text of angel MAGIC and MERKABAH mysticism said to hold all the secrets of the cosmos—even things unknown to other angels. In the KABBALAH , Raziel is an archangel assigned to guard the second sephirah, Chokmah (Wisdom) on the TREE OF LIFE . He is one of the archangels in the world of Briah, the second of the four worlds of creation. MAIMONIDES names Raziel as chief of the ERELIM , the herald of God and the preceptor of ADAM.

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