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One of the principal angels in Judeo-Christian angelologies, accorded the rank of archangel. Raphael’s name originates from the Hebrew rapha, which means healer or doctor; thus Raphael is “the shining one who heals;” also “the medicine of God.” He is often con- nected with the symbol of healing, the serpent. He is entrusted with the physical well-being of the earth and its human inhabitants, and, in Christian lore, he is regarded as one of the friendliest of the angels. He is one of four principal archangels—together with Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel—who are sometimes aspects of the ANGEL OF THE LORD . Raphael is not mentioned by name in Scripture; he is best known as the angel guide and teacher in the apocryphal book of TOBIT . In that, Raphael teaches the arts of both healing and exorcism. He acts as a guide and companion on a journey, thus making him the angel of travelers and safety. He imparts the message that God is always with his people and sends his angels to aid them. Raphael has numerous titles and duties. He is counted among the seven angels who stand before God mentioned in REVELATION , and is part of five orders of angels: SERAPHIM , ARCHANGELS , CHERUBIM , DOMINIONS , and POWERS . He is the angel of the evening winds, guardian of the TREE OF LIFE , and the angel of joy, light, and love. He is sometimes identified as an aspect of the ANGEL OF GREAT COUNSEL ; the ANGEL OF PEACE ; the ANGEL OF PRAYER ; the ANGEL OF REPENTANCE ; an ANGEL OF THE EARTH ; and an ANGEL OF THE PLANETS.In Kabbalistic lore, Raphael is charged with healing the earth. He is one of the 10 sephirot of the TREE OF LIFE . He is believed to be one of the three angels who visits ABRAHAM , though he is not named as such in Genesis. He is credited with healing Abraham of the pain of his circumcision, and JACOB of his wounded thigh due to the fight with the dark adversary. According to several rabbinic sources, a pearl hung on Noah’s ark, which indicated when day and night were at hand. Others say this light came from a sacred book NOAH was given by the archangel Raphael, bound in sap- phires and containing all knowledge of the stars, the art of healing, and the mastery of DEMONS . Noah bequeathed this to Shem, who passed it by Abraham to Jacob, Levi, Moses, Joshua, and Solomon. (See SEFER RAZIEL .) In 1 ENOCH , Raphael is one of the holy WATCHERS who punish the FALLEN ANGELS . In the Testament of Solomon, Raphael thwarts the birth demon Obyzouth. Catholic devotional lore contains numerous stories about the deeds of Raphael, a saint whose feast day is September 29. St. Cyriaca (also called Dominica), who was martyred under the Emperor Maximilian in the fourth century, was addressed by Raphael during her tortures. The angel, identifying himself by name, said he had heard her prayers and congratulated her on her courage. Because of her suffering, she would glorify the Lord. Sister Mary Francis of the Third Order of St. Francis, who lived during the late 18th century, was frequently ill and was told on one occasion by the angel that he would heal her—and he did. She and others were witness to a smell of sweet perfume, which she attributed to the presence of Raphael. The angel also is credited with healing others of various afflic- tions, including epilepsy, and of providing protection during journeys. Raphael is the patron saint of the blind, happy meetings, nurses, physicians, and travelers.

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