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Ramiel (Jeremiel, Ramael, Remiel, Phanuel, Uriel, Yerahmeel)

Angel who oversees true visions and the souls of the dead on their day of judgment. Ramiel appears in apocryphal texts. In the Enochian writings, he is described as both a FALLEN ANGEL and one of the seven angels who stand before God. In the Sybylline Oracles he is one of five angels who lead souls to judgment; the others are Uriel, Arakiel, Samiel, and Aziel. In 2 Baruch, Ramiel is the angel who presides over true visions and interprets the apocalyptic vision of BARUCH , and he gives the prophet the vision of victory over the army of Sennacherib. In the Apocalypse of Baruch he is the angel who actually destroys the army (Michael, Gabriel, Remiel, Uriel, and other angels also are credited with this act). Ramiel describes the mes- siah to Baruch as “bright lightning.” Ramiel presides over thunder, as do Remiel and Uriel.

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