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Kerubiel YHVH (Cherubiel)

PRINCE of the CHERUBIM .3 ENOCH describes Kerubiel as a being as high and as wide as the seven HEAVENS .His body is full of burning coals; when he opens his mouth it blazes like a fiery torch and his tongue is of fire. His entire face looks like a blazing fire, his eyes are brilliant sparks and his eyelashes are like lightning. The sacred name of Yahweh is engraved upon his crown of light- ning. The splendor of the SHEKINAH is on his face and he wears the bow of the Shekinah upon his shoulders. Flames and lightnings shoot from his face and his body. Wherever Kerubiel goes he is accompanied by thunderclaps and earthquakes. When he is angry the earth shakes.Kerubiel is attended by two princes of the chariot; one of them is Sarbiel. Kerubiel is in charge of the cherubim whom he increases in beauty and glory. He sings their praises, shines their crowns, and praises them and thus prepares the throne of glory that rests upon the tops of the heads of the cherubim.

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