петък, 14 март 2014 г.

Gaap (Goap, Taap, Tap)

One of the FALLEN ANGELS and 72 spirits of SOLOMON . Once a member of the order of POWERS , Gaap is a pres- ident and mighty PRINCE in HELL , ruling 66 legions. He appears when the sun is in the southern signs as a human with huge bat’s wings and preceded by four powerful kings. Gaap teaches liberal sciences and phi- losophy, excites love and hatred, makes men insensi- ble, gives true answers about the past, present, and future, and takes FAMILIARS away from other magicians. Upon command he will move people quickly from place to place. Gaap gives instruction in the consecra- tion of things that belong to the divination of his mas- ter, Amaymon.

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