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Azbogah YHVH (Azbuga)

In the MERKABAH , one of eight great angelic PRINCES of the throne of judgment who rank higher than Meta- tron. Azbogah means “strength,” and it also is a secret name of God, one of the NAMES of Divine Glory and a name of power. Azbogah is significant in GEMATRIA because it has three groups of letters that each add up to eight. The eightfold name reflects the concept in GNOSTICISM of the Ogdoad, the eight firmament in which dwells Divine Wisdom, and which is over the seven firma- ments of creation. In 3 ENOCH , Azbogah YHVH is an angelic prince, a glorious and dreaded angel who knows the secrets of the throne of Glory—that is, he is privileged to serve within the curtain that hides God. He is called Azbo- gah because his principal duty is to clothe the worthy with righteousness when they arrive in heaven. He bows down to Soperiel. Azbogah is invoked as an angel of healing against all illness, all hurt, and all evil.

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