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Azazel (Azael, Azazael, Hazazel)

Name or epithet of a god or DEMON . The name Azazel means “God strengthens.” He originally may have been a Semitic god of the flocks who became demonized. Azazel is associated with the ritual of scapegoating as an expiation of sin, as described in Leviticus 16. In verse nine, God instructs MOSES that his brother Aaron shall take two goats and sacrifice one to the Lord for sin. The second goat is for Azazel, and it is to be pre- sented live to the Lord for atonement and then sent into the wilderness to Azazel. This reference to the wilderness has led to beliefs that Azazel was a demon of the desert. Apocalyptic writings emphasize the evil nature of Azazel. He is one of the chief SONS OF GOD who comes to earth and is corrupted by cohabitation. (See WATCH - ERS .) In 1 ENOCH , he is described as one of 21 chiefs of 200 FALLEN ANGELS . He has seven serpent heads, 14 faces, and 12 wings. He brings aggression by teaching men metalworking and how to make swords and shields, and vanity by teaching women how to use jewelry and cosmetics. He teaches oppression, leads men and women into adultery, and reveals divine secrets. Azazel’s instruction of metals and metalwork- ing was taken by Hellenistic alchemists as evidence of the angelic origins of alchemy. In the Apocalypse of ABRAHAM , Azazel is the angel of disgrace, lies, evil, wrath, and trials and the lord of HELL , who is confined to earth by God because he became enamored with it. He appears to ABRAHAM first in the form of an unclean bird and then as a dragon with 12 wings and human hands and feet. In Jewish lore, Azazel figures prominently in folk- tales, along with another fallen angel, Semyaza (Semyaz, Shemhazai). Azazel refuses to bow to Adam when he is presented to God and the heavenly hierarchies. Islamic lore also tells of Azazel refusing to bow down to Adam, and so God casts him out of heaven and changes him into Iblis (Eblis).

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