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According to Jewish legend, the grigori (watchers)
are a superior order of angels whose proper
place is either the third or the fifth heaven.
They are said to look like human beings (except much larger), never
sleep, and are forever silent. While there are both good and bad grigori,
most extant lore revolves around the evil watchers who fell from
grace after copulating with human women.
The story of the grigori is detailed in several scriptural apocalyptic
books. Chief among these are the Book of Enoch and the Book of
Jubilees. A fragment of this tale was incorporated into a brief passage
in the book of Genesis (6:2), where it states that the “sons of God saw
that the daughters of men were fair and they took to wife such of them
as they chose.” Traditionally, “sons of God” was taken to indicate
angels, although later churchmen rejected the idea that angels could
have intercourse with human beings.
As outlined in Gustave Davidson’s Dictionary of Angels individual
watchers were responsible for certain activities on earth:
1. Armaros: taught men the resolving of enchantments
2. Araquiel (Arakiel): taught men the signs of the earth
3. Azazel: taught men to make knives, swords, and shields, and to
devise ornaments and cosmetics
4. Baraqijal (Baraqel): taught men astrology
5. Ezequeel (Ezekeel): taught men the knowledge of the clouds
6. Gadreel: introduced weapons of war
7. Kokabel (Kawkabel): taught the science of constellations
8. Penemue: instructed mankind in writing and taught children
the “bitter and sweet, and the secrets of wisdom”
9. Sariel: taught men the course of the moon
10. Semjaza: taught men enchantments, root-cutting, etc.
11. Shamshiel: taught men the signs of the sun

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