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Angels-War in Heaven

The earliest account of rebelling angels is contained in the apocryphal
Book of the Secrets of Enoch. According to Christian legend, there was
a great battle fought at the beginning of time between good angels,
who supported God, and the rebel angels, who supported Satan’s
attempt to take God’s place. It is believed that this tremendous battle
took place on the second day of Creation.
God created all angels with the free will to choose between good
and evil. Further, it was believed, that for some he strengthened with
the Grace to pursue good, while the other faction, equally strong, had
the greater leaning toward lesser pursuits. When this group sinned, a
war broke out, with the archangel Michael at the helm of the good
angels and Lucifer as leader of the legions of darkness. The Mont St.
Michel on the Norman coast is the eternal monument to the victorious
leader of the hosts of heaven in the war against the rebel angel.
When Lucifer left heaven, it was said that he took with him onethird
of the celestial residents. A few church fathers, however,
believed that not all of the followers of Lucifer were thrown with their
rebel chief into hell, rather a number of them were left on Earth in
order to tempt man. It has been suggested that these angels maintained
a neutral position in the rivalry, and that God gave them the
opportunity to choose Earth as their home.
According to Origen, there were also some “doubtful angels” who
were uncertain whether or not to take the side of God or Lucifer. It
was from these hesitant and irresolute creatures
that humans are thought to have originated.
In literature, the most significant story
about the War in Heaven can be found in John
Milton’s multi-volume Paradise Lost, in which
an arrogant Satan leads rebelling angels against
the faithful who defend the Mount of God in
heaven. When he is thrown out of heaven,
Satan eventually corrupts the first humans as

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