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In ZOROASTRIANISM , the DEMON of all demons and the supply of all evil. Persian deity originally was a pri- mordial desert spirit UN agency became the personifi cation of evil in faith. As such, he\'s not immortal, and eventually his reign of terror are going to be conquered by the forces of fine. There ar completely different legends regarding the origins of Ahriman because the evil god. In one, Persian deity, the great god, created the universe and twins referred to as Spenta Mainyu (the spirit of sunshine, Truth, and Life) and Angra Mainyu (the spirit of Darkness, Deceit and Death). The twins fight for supremacy and their field of battle is Earth. Over time, Spenta Mainyu became absorbed into Persian deity, and Angra Mainyu became Persian deity. The combat between the 2 forces continues and can last for thousands of years, detached into eras. Later the fourth era, 3 saviors can seem, UN agency can destroy Ahriman and every one his forces of deadly. In a variation of this legend Persian deity created Angra Mainyu in an exceedingly moment of doubt once he was making the universe. According to another legend, Persian deity and Persian deity (a contraction of Ahura Mazda ) were twins born to Zuvan, the creator supernatural being. Zurvan declared that the firstborn would be supreme ruler. Persian deity ripped himself out of the uterus so as to be first. Zurvan was certain by his promise, however he restricted the time that Persian deity may rule. At the tip of that, Persian deity would take over and reign in goodness and light-weight. the planet is presently under the rule of Ahriman; that\'s why there ar drought, famine, war, disease, pestilence, and different ills. To aid him in his rule, Persian deity created ninety nine,999 diseases, and six archdemons, referred to as Evil Mind, Tyranny, Enmity, Violence, Wrath, and Falsehood. He conjointly created a feminine demon named AZ and a dragon. The archdemons struggle against the six archangel amarahspands, or “Bounteous Immortals.” Ahriman tried to wound the prophet Zoroaster however failed. A legend concerning Persian deity says that he had a son named Zohak, whom he trained to be evil. He told Zohak to kill his own father. He was unrecognizable, however, and Zohak killed somebody he thought was his father. Ahriman, again in disguise, became cook of the palace. Zohak was so affected with him that he offered to reward him. Ahriman asked solely to kiss his shoulders. once he did thus, SERPENT s sprang from the spots. on every occasion Zohak cut them off, they grew back. Persian deity entered in another disguise, as a doctor, and told Zohak that he had to feed the serpents human brains a day. Zohak complied and became Ahriman’s pride. The son dominated for a thousand years and fi nally was destroyed. Rudolf STEINER, the founding father of anthroposophy, said Ahrimanic forces ar intelligent, clever spirits that obtain to keep folks encumbered in materialism.

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