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In ZOROASTRIANISM , the DEMON of wrath, rage, and fury. Aeshma’s epithet is “of the bloody mace.” He is the fi ercest of demons and is to blame for all acts of aggression and malice, whether or not committed in war or drunkenness. He has seven powers that he will use for the destruction of humanity. In the hierarchy of Zoroastrian DAEVA s that mirrors a similar hierarchy of divinities, Aeshma is critical Asha Vahishta, the Amesha Spenta, or eudaemon, who embodies Truth. Aeshma’s chief opposer is Sraosha (Obedience), the principle of spiritual devotion and discipline. Aeshma distracts folks from correct worship. He meddle with the souls of the dead as they approach the Chinvat Bridge to the underworld. The creator God, Ahura Mazda (later Ohrmazd), created Sraosha to counter Aeshma’s mischief and shield people from his attacks. Sraosha ultimately can over- throw Aeshma. In old texts, Aeshma is formed a commander of dark forces by Angra Mainyu (later A HRIMAN ). He is engulfed by A Z , the demon of avarice. Aeshma will be driven away by the recitation of a prayer from the Vendidad, a Zoroastrian text. The demon ASMODEUS of Hebrew mental object is also primarily based partly on Aeshma.

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