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Abraxas (Abrasax, Abraxis)

Gnostic name for the demigod United Nations agency rules the 365th (highest and fi nal) aeon, or sphere, ascending to the hidden God. Christian demonologists place Abraxas within the ranks of DEMON s. Abraxas additionally was the name of a sun mounting associate ouroborus (a snake biting its tail) control by the best Egyptian immortal, Isis, the creator of the Sun and mis- tress of all the gods. Isis mythology found its means into Gnosticism. additionally, Abraxas was related to the Mithraic mystery faith of Persian origin, the essential ri- val of Christianity in Rome in its fi rst four centurys. As did Gnosticism, Mithraicism featured a posh star divination and numerology. Numerical values of Mithra’s and Abraxas’ names every total 365. The Gnostic Abraxas created the fabric world and also had diabolical qualities. he\'s the supreme power of being, in whom light-weight and darkness square measure each united and transcended. Orthodox Christians viewed Abraxas as a demon. In turn, Abraxas became a favourite spiritual being of heretical sects of the center Ages. Gnostic talismans product of etched opaque gem show Abraxas as a fi gure with somebody\'s body, the top of a chicken (or occasionally a hawk), and SERPENT legs. His hands hold a shield and a whip, the protect sometimes inscribed with the name Iao, paying homage to the soul four-letter name of God. he\'s typically mounted on a chariot drawn by four white horses, with each Sun and Moon overhead. The chicken represents wakefulness and is expounded to the human heart and therefore the entire heart, the Sun. The human body embodies the principle of logos, or coherently thought. The snake legs indicate prudence. The protect is symbolic of knowledge, the nice guardian of divine warriors. The whip denotes the relentless driving power of life. The four horses symbolize the four ethers by that solar power is broadcast throughout the universe. The 7 letters of the name of Abraxas represent the seven inventive powers and planetary spheres, or ANGELs, recognized within the antique world. The letters add up to a numerological worth of 365, the amount of days and pow- ers of the year.Carl G. Carl Jung referred to as Abraxas the “truly terrible one” because of his skill to come up with truth and falsehood, good and evil, lightweight and darkness with constant word and in the same deed. In psychotherapeutics there\'s no simple way out of psychic confl ict; one should not solely fi ght on the aspect of the angels however sometimes be part of the host of the FALLEN ANGEL s. in line with Carl Jung, worry of Abraxas is the starting of knowledge, and freedom, or gnosis, is achieved by not resisting. .

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