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Angel-like being who is part of THE SEVEN , and whose duty it is to facilitate technological communication between humans and the spiritual realms, a field of research known as INSTRUMENTAL TRANSCOMMUNICA - TION (ITC). Technician made himself known in 1986 to Jules Fischbach and Maggy Harsh-Fischbach of Luxembourg, a couple experimenting in communicating with the spirit world. Inspired by the work of American engi- neers George Meek and Bill O’Neill, the couple tried to capture spirit voices on tape. Initially anonymous, Technician manifested as a strong, high-pitched voice that opened and closed every session. The voice also displayed a vast knowledge of earth’s history, religions, sciences, mathematics, and other subjects. Technician also provided instructions in creating a receiving sta- tion for ITC. Technician described himself as a being who has never had a physical form and who is part of a fused group called the Seven, who exist in ethereal realms of timelessness and spacelessness, and who are assigned to help the earth. Names are not important to the group, he said, and so he could be called by his job, technician.

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