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Suriel (Sariel, Sauriel, Suriyel, Suruel, Surufel, Surya)

A PRINCE OF THE PRESENCE , angel of healing and ANGEL OF DEATH . Suriel means “God’s command.” Suriel is sometimes identified with Ariel, Metatron, Uriel, and Saraqael. In 1 ENOCH , he is one of the four holy archangels who is “of eternity and of trembling.” In Kabbalistic lore he is one of seven ANGELS OF THE EARTH . ORIGEN identified Suriel as one of seven angels who are primordial powers. In Jewish lore, MOSES learns all of his knowledge from Suriel, who comes as the angel of death at the end of Moses’s life. In GNOSTI - CISM , Suriel is invoked for this protective powers.

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