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Soperiel YHVH (Soperiel Mehayye and Soperiel Memeth)

In 3 ENOCH and the Zohar, two PRINCES in the seventh HEAVEN who keep the records of the names of all the living and the dead. In 3 Enoch, they are both referred to as Soperiel. They are clothed in royal robes and cloaks of majesty, and they wear kingly crowns. They are tall—the height of the seven heavens—and splen- dorous and have eyes like the sun. Their tongues are blazing torches and fire and lightning issue forth from their mouths; their sweat kindles fire. On their heads are sapphires (one each) and on their shoulders are wheels of swift cherubs. In their hands are pens of flame 3,000 PARASANGS tall and burning scrolls 3,000 myriads of parasangs long. Each letter they write is 365 parasangs tall. Though angels cannot or do not sit according to rabbinic lore, the Soperiel angels sit to write by standing upon the wheels of storms. Above Soperiel in stature is Rikbiel.

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