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Sariel (Sarakiel, Saraqael, Saraqel, Suruquel, Suriel, Uriel, Zerachiel)

Good and FALLEN ANGEL . In the Enochian writings, Sariel is Saraqel, not the same as Uriel. Sariel rules Aries and is one of the nine angels who preside over the summer solstice. As a fallen angel, he teaches the course of the moon. In the War of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness (also known as the Triumph of God), one of the QUMRAN TEXTS , Sariel is one of the four leaders of the forces of good. The human warriors are given exact instructions on who is to fight where, with weapons described carefully. There are four subdivi- sions (towers) and each is to have the name of their archangel inscribed on their shield. Sariel is on the third tower. In the Ladder of JACOB , the Qumran fragments of the book of ENOCH , and in the Neofiti Targum, Sariel is the angel who is in charge of dreams and their inter- pretation.

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