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An ANGEL OF DEATH and destruction, sometimes syn- onymous with Behemoth and Leviathan. Rahab (the name means “violence”) is the demon of insolence and pride. He also rules over the primordial sea and is not always malevolent. Rahab’s name can be invoked through MAGIC to obtain the assistance of the sea. Jew- ish mystical tales tell of Rahab obligingly offering up treasures and possessions lost in shipwrecks, in response to incantations invoking his holy NAME . In one story he retrieves an evil amulet that was sunk in the seas, which a rabbi then uses to exorcise the curse of a witch. Jewish lore tells that God destroyed Rahab for refusing to part the upper and lower waters at creation. Apparently he was resurrected, for God destroys him again for chasing the Israelites across the parted Red Sea. In a benevolent act, Rahab rescues the SEFER RAZIEL , containing all knowledge and mystical secrets, after the other angels have cast it into the sea to pre- vent it from being used by humans.

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