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Radueriel (Radweriel)

Angel in charge of heavenly archives, who has the unusual power to create other angels. In 3 ENOCH 27:1–3, Radueriel is described as ranking above the SERAPHIM as a prince exalted above all other PRINCES and more wonderful than all ministers: He takes out the scroll box in which the book of records is kept and brings it into the presence of the Holy One, blessed be he. He breaks the seals of the scroll box, opens it, takes out the scrolls and puts them in the hand of the Holy One, blessed be he. The Holy One receives them from his hand and places them before the scribes, so that they might read them out to the Great Court which is in the height of the heaven of Arabot, in the presence of the heavenly household. Radueriel is so named because every utterance from his mouth creates an angel that joins in the songs of the MINISTERING ANGELS and recites the song before the Holy One when the time comes to say “Holy.” Radueriel also is the angel of poetry and the muses. He is one of eight great judgment angels who rank above Metatron.

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