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One of the FALLEN ANGELS who is bested by King SOLOMON . According to the Testament of Solomon, Orniel is an annoying, vampirizing DEMON who lives in the constellation Aquarius. He has shapeshifting abil- ity: he strangles men born under the sign of Aquarius because they have passion for women born under the sign of Virgo; he becomes a man who likes boys and causes them pain when he touches them; he turns into a heavenly, winged creature; and he can assume the form of a lion. During the construction of Solomon’s Temple of Jerusalem, Ornias comes at sunset and takes half the wages and food of the master workman’s boy— Solomon’s favorite—and sucks out his soul through his right thumb. The boy grows thin. Solomon asks him why he is losing weight, and the boy tells him about Ornias. Incensed, Solomon begs God for help, and he is given a magical ring by Michael that will give him power over demons. Solomon gives the ring to the boy and instructs him to fling it at the demon’s chest when he next appears and order him to go to Solomon. When Ornias next appears, as a flaming fire, the boy does so. Ornias screams and promises to give the boy all the gold and silver on earth if he will give the ring back to Solomon. But the boy binds the demon and delivers him to the king. Solomon interrogates him and learns that Ornias is descended from an archangel, and he is thwarted by the archangel Uriel. Solomon sets Ornias to work cut- ting stone from the quarry. Terrified by iron, the demon begs for a measure of freedom, promising to call up other demons. Solomon summons Uriel, who helps him force Ornias to cut stones. When that work is done, Solomon orders Ornias to fetch the Prince of Demons, and he returns with Beelzebub. Ornias has the gift of prophecy, explaining to Solomon that demons fly up to HEAVEN , where they overhear God’s plans. Those who are exhausted by doing so become FALLING STARS .

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