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Ophaniel (Ofaniel, Ofniel, Opanniel, Ophan, Yahriel)

PRINCE who heads the angelic order of the OPHANIM ( THRONES )—from which he derives his name—and who is the “angel in charge of the disk (wheel) of the moon.” He serves as one of the seven throne angels who executes the commands of the POWERS . He is sometimes equated with Sandalphon. Ophaniel is described in 3 ENOCH 25: 2–4: He has 16 faces, four on each side, and 100 wings on each side. He has 8,766 eyes, corresponding to the number of hours in a year, 2,191 on each side. In each pair of eyes in each of his faces lightnings flash; from every eye torches blaze, and no one can look on them, for anyone who looks on them is at once consumed. The height of his body is a journey of 2,500 years; no eye can see it. No mouth can tell the mighty strength of his power, save only the King of kings of kings, the Holy One, blessed be he. 3 Enoch states that as prince of the ophanim, who are the order above the CHERUBIM , Ophaniel stands over them every day and tends them, beautifies them, praises them, arranges their running, polishes their platforms, adorns their compartments, makes their turnings smooth, and cleans their seats. His work increases their beauty, magnifies their majesty, and makes them swift in the praise of God. Ophaniel has 88 angels who “make the moon’s globe run 354,000 PARASANGS every night, whenever the moon stands in the east at its turning point,” which is on the 15th of every night. (3 Enoch 17:5) In this lunar duty, Ophaniel ranks below Galgalliel, who is in charge of the sun, and above Rahatiel, who is in charge of the constellations.

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