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In Jewish lore, deputy angels or MINISTERING ANGELS who are the agents through whom the universe oper- ates. Memunim in Hebrew means “appointed ones.” Every single thing in creation is assigned its all-power- ful memuneh (singular). Most important of all is the memuneh of the star assigned to a person, which gov- erns his existence; this memuneh is the equivalent of a GUARDIAN ANGEL . Besides influencing all affairs and activities, the memunim represent and defend their charges in the heavenly court of law (see ENOCH ). If an animal or human has been wronged, for example, their memu- nim take up their case with God to see that justice is done. Memunim who watch over places are held responsible if a man injures himself there. Prayers can- not be answered unless the memunim offer them directly before the Throne of Glory. Memunim help to bring about good fortune by influencing people to take favorable actions; in this function they are similar to the DAIMONES . The memunim like familiarity and habit, for one must be careful when renovating a build- ing or home, so that familiar doors and windows are not disturbed and the memunim become upset. And, when a person dies, his memuneh of his guiding star will ask for a reprieve so as not to be held accountable for his death. The first appearances of memunim in rabbinic sources date to the 10th century in southern Italy. The concept of memunim was developed and expanded by German Jews in the 13th century as part of an elabo- rate structure of angel MAGIC . In magic, a practitioner commanded the elements by commanding memunim and DEMONS . In casting a spell on a person, the magi- cian commanded his memuneh to deliver it to the memuneh of the victim. Memunim could also be employed to dispatch dreams to others, reveal the will of God in dreams, and serve in other magical interme- diary duties (see DREAMS AND VISIONS ). If a magician desires information, he commands his memuneh to bring it to him. The memuneh does not appear but impresses the information mentally by mingling his thoughts with those of the magician.

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