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malachim (malakim)

In Jewish lore, an order of angels, through whom God Eloha makes metals. Malachim means “kings” (gods) and possibly derives from malak, the Hebrew term for “messenger” or angel. The book of Malachi, written circa 500–450 B . C . E . by an anonymous Jewish priest, is a proper name converted from the Hebrew term for “my messenger.” Malachim are given different ranks: sixth highest ( MAIMONIDES ); first (the Zohar); eighth (the Maseket Azilut); and fourth (the Berith Menucha). The malachim are one of the angelic orders ruling Tiphareth (Beauty), the sixth sephirah of the TREE OF LIFE in the KABBALAH . Malachim are sometimes equated with VIRTUES . Their ruling princes are Peliel, Raphael, Uriel, and Uzziel. Malachim is a name of an ANGEL ALPHABET used in magical texts.

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