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One of the demonic angels who is associated with the primordial deep of the seas. The name Leviathan means in Hebrew “that which gathers itself together in folds.” In rabbinic lore, he is associated with the Rahab, angel of the sea. Leviathan is personified as an enormous whale who is impervious to all weapons. In Job, Leviathan is a sea DEMON . In Jonah, Leviathan is a whale who swallows Jonah and keeps him in its belly for three days, until God orders Jonah to be vomited up. In Isaiah, Leviathan is the “fleeing serpent” and “twisting serpent,” “the dragon that is in sea,” whom God will slay at the end of time. (27:1) Both Leviathan and Behemoth were created on the fifth day.

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