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Archangel whose name means “mercy of God” or “whom God sets up.” Jeremiel is included in the earli- est lists of the seven ARCHANGELS who stand before God. In 4 Ezra (4:36ff) Jeremiel is equated with Eremiel, the angel who watches over the souls in the under- world. When EZRA asks how long he must wait until the new age, Jeremiel answers that the righteous are in the underworld and the chambers of the souls, which, like wombs, will bear their fruit when the time is ready. Jeremiel shows Ezra a parable, but says he cannot say if Ezra will be alive when the new age comes, for he does not know. 1 ENOCH and 2 Edras equate Jeremiel with Remiel and Uriel.

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