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Jaoel (Joel, Yahoel, Yahoel Yah)

Great angel, GUARDIAN ANGEL , and ARCHANGEL who lives in the seventh HEAVEN ; also a proper name of God. Jaoel the angel is associated with Michael and Metatron. In the Apocalypse of Abraham, Jaoel is the angel sent by God to guide ABRAHAM on his heavenly journey of revelation. He has the likeness of a man and is robed in purple with a turban of RAINBOW around his head. His hair is white and his body is like sapphire. He car- ries a golden scepter. Jaoel reveals to Abraham the his- tory of his people, and he brings the blessings of Michael as well as of himself. In the Slavonic Life of ADAM AND EVE , the angels Joel and Michael pray for the couple. The Apocalypse of MOSES also names an archangel Joel. In 3 ENOCH , the angel is called Yahoel and Yahoel Yah, also names for Metatron. The Apocalypse of Abraham gives EL , El, Jahoel as one of the names of God.

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