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Hadraniel (Hadariel, Hadarniel, Hadriel)

Angel who stands at the second gate in HEAVEN . Had- raniel means “majesty of God.” Hadraniel is a large angel, bigger than Kemuel but smaller than San- dalphon, the twin of Metatron. He is sometimes identi- fied with Metatron, and his name is one of Metraton’s many names. Hadraniel is mentioned in the Zohar in connection with the SEFER RAZIEL ; he is sent by God to ADAM to tell him to keep the book secret, even from the angels. Tradition holds that Hadraniel proclaims the will of God with 12,000 flashes of lightning emanating from his mouth; his voice penetrates 200,000 firma- ments. MOSES sees Hadraniel in heaven and is awestruck, but he makes the angel tremble when he speaks the Supreme Name.

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