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Eremiel (Jeremiel, Jerimiel, Remiel, Hierimiel)

In the Apocalypse of ZEPHANIAH , the great angel who presides over the abyss and Hades and cares for all of the souls who are trapped there from the end of the Flood to the present. Eremiel has a brilliant face like the sun and feet like melted bronze, and he wears a golden girdle. He serves the same function as Jeremiel in 4 EZRA to oversee the souls in Hades and forecast the coming of the new age. Similarly, Eremiel serves the same function as Ramiel in 2 BARUCH . In the Apocalypse of Elias, Eremiel is equated with Uriel. In REVELATION , he has a strong resemblance to the Son of Man.

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