сряда, 12 март 2014 г.

chalkydri (kalkydras)

n 2 ENOCH , 12-winged angels or brass serpents of the flying sun, mentioned with PHOENIXES as the ones who pull the chariot of the sun through the sky. The chalky- dri are associated with CHERUBIM and SERAPHIM and live in the fourth HEAVEN . When the sun rises, they burst into song at the Lord’s command: The light-giver is coming, to give radiance to the whole world; and the morning watch appears. which is the sun’s rays. And the sun comes out over the face of the earth, and retrieves his radiance, to give light to all the face of the earth. The song of the chalkydri and phoenixes is the rea- son why birds sing in the morning. In GNOSTICISM , the chalkydri are demonic serpents with crocodile heads.

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