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Camael (Camiel, Camiul, Chamuel, Kemuel, Khamael, Camniel, Cancel)

Angel who is chief of the POWERS , one of the sephirot of the TREE OF LIFE , and ruler of Mars. Camael means “he who sees God.” FRANCIS BARRETT lists Camael as one of the seven angels who stand before God. As Chamuel, he wrestles with JACOB and appears to Jesus in the Garden of Geth- semane. As Kemuel, he guards the gate of HEAVEN and gives way to MOSES when the patriarch comes to receive the Torah from God. In occultism, Camael is assigned to the FALLEN ANGELS , whom he rules as a Count Palatine. He can appear in the guises of a leopard crouched upon a rock. He is a god of war. His name is invoked for divine justice.

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