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bene elohim (ben elohim, beni elohim, bene elim, b’ne elohim)

An order of angels or archangels whose name means “sons of god,” sometimes translated as “sons of man” because of the sexual activities of the SONS OF GOD . The bene elohim are a subdivision of the THRONES , though they sometimes are equated with thrones and also the ISSIM and ARCHANGELS . The main duty of the bene elohim is to ceaselessly sing the praises of God. According to the Zohar, they rank ninth in the CELESTIAL HIERARCHY , and their ruling chief is Hofniel. Azazel is also given as their chief. The Maseket Azilut also places them ninth, MAI - MONIDES eighth, and the Berith Menucha ranks them third in importance.

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