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Beleth (Bileth, Bilet, Byleth)

One of the FALLEN ANGELS and 72 spirits of SOLOMON . The LEMEGETON ,a GRIMOIRE , says that Beleth is a ter- rible and mighty king who rules over 85 legions. He arrives on a pale horse, preceded by many musicians. He is very angry when first summoned, and must be sent at once to a magical triangle by a magician pointng a hazel wand to the southeast. He must be treated with great courtesy, but if the magician shows fear, Beleth will forever lose respect for him. The magician must protect himself by wearing a silver ring on the middle finger of the left hand and holding it up to the face. If Beleth refuses to cooperate, the magician must proceed with his commands. JOHANN WEYER writes that a bottle of wine helps to mellow Beleth into cooperation.

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