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Azza (Semyaza)

FALLEN ANGEL . Azza means “the strong.” In rabbinic lore, Azza cohabited with women (see WATCHERS ) and was punished to fall eternally from HEAVEN with one eye shut and the other open in order to see and suffer more. In 3 Enoch, Azza is named as one of three primary MINISTERING ANGELS with Azael and Uzza, who live in the seventh (highest) heaven. The three object to the elevation of the prophet ENOCH into the great angel Metatron. Azza heads a group of angels of justice. In the Talmud, Azza and Azael begot the SEDIM , Assyrian guardian spirits, by having sexual relations with Naamah, angel of prostitution, prior to the fall. In other lore, Azza is the angel who bestows knowl- edge upon King SOLOMON . In Akkadian lore, he is one of the MASKIM , a prince of HELL.

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