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Anafiel, Aniel, Aniyel, Ariel, Aufiel, Hamiel, Haniel, and Onoel) Angel who rules Venus and human sexuality; Friday angels; the second HEAVEN ; and, in some references, the moon. Anael also is one of the seven ANGELS OF CREATION and is PRINCE of ARCHANGELS and chief of PRINCIPALITIES . In the second heaven, Anael is in charge of prayers that ascend from the first heaven. The Jewish historian Joshua Trachtenberg says that in the Middle Ages, the Jewish mezuzah, a parchment scroll in a holder placed on doorways to ward off evil, was to be written only on Sunday or on Thursday, in the fourth hour, presided over by Venus and the angel Anael. The name of Anael was included in the angel names inscribed on MEZUZOT . In the LEMEGETON , Anael rules the second hour of the day, called Cevorym. He commands 70 chief dukes and 100 lesser dukes and their servants.

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