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In ancient Egyptian mythology, the vehicle of ascent for after-death consciousness. The term ba is often translated as “vital force” or “soul,” but is a complex concept. It is an exalted state of consciousness that seeks out heaven. According to the Book of the Dead, after death the ba rose up out of the body to regard the corpse. Even though it was drawn toward heaven, it depended for its self-consciousness on maintaining a relationship with the corpse. The body had to remain intact in order for the ba to return to it. Ultimately, the ba had to liberate itself from the shadow of the tomb so that it could fully enter the heavenly light. Art depicted the ba as lingering around tombs and mummies. It was portrayed as having a falcon’s body with a human head. Offerings of cakes were left at tombs for the ba. The ba was more personal and individualized than the KA, which was linked to a group consciousness.

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