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The name Zadkiel (also Tzadkiel or Zidekiel, among other variant
spellings) means “the righteousness of God.”

Zadkiel is an angel with
several different identities

, depending on the reference source. In A
Theological Discourse of Angels, by Benjamin Camfield, Zadkiel is the
angel of Jupiter, because he is ruler of the sign of the zodiac of that
planet. According to the Zohar (Numbers 154A), Zadkiel is one of
two chieftains who assist Michael when the archangel goes into battle.
Zadkiel is also said to be a co-chief of the order of shinanim (along
with Gabriel) and one of the nine rulers of heaven, as well as one the
seven archangels presiding next to God. In rabbinic works, Zadkiel is
“the angel of benevolence, mercy, memory, and chief of the order of
dominions” (Davidson, p. 324). But perhaps the most common identity
of Zadkiel is the one presented in the Bible, where he prevents
Abraham from sacrificing his young son Isaac to God.

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