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Undines are a type of fairy associated with the element water. They
reside in oceans and other bodies of water and are said to appear in the
form of sea horses with human faces. Larger and more developed
undines are said to form the basis for the legends of mermaids and
mermen. Water is traditionally associated with emotions and sensuality,
and in occult sources the undines are said to work with human
beings through their “astral body” to help develop sensitivity and
As the archetypal spirits of the water element, undines are occupied
with maintaining all of the earth’s bodies of water. In ceremonial
magic, the undines are the water elementals of the West, who are
called upon to witness rituals. The task of the elementals, like that of
the nature devas, is to build up forms in the natural world, thus providing
an arena in which other beings, such as human souls, can evolve
spiritually. Some occultists view elementals as soulless entities who
simply disappear at death, but others see them as spirits who eventually
evolve into devas (angels). Because of their association with water, the
undines are under the rulership of the archangel Gabriel.

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