неделя, 12 февруари 2012 г.


The term “traffic angels” refers to the numerous accounts of motorists
who are mysteriously helped by guardian angels. Such inexplicable
manifestations include voices that tell a driver to stop or change lanes,
help for stranded motorists that comes out of nowhere, vehicles physically
moved out of harm’s way, and vehicles that avoid crashes. The
following are two examples.
Padre Pio’s biographer, Fr. Allesio Parente, reported that the
priest’s guardian angel once drove one of Parente’s friends for three
hours in a car while the man was asleep at the wheel. In 1980, an
elderly widow was driving when a large car towing a boat suddenly
darted into her path. She froze in fear and saw her car heading toward
a seemingly unavoidable collision. At that point, her late husband,
who had been dead for three months, materialized in the car, steered
the vehicle into a ditch and then disappeared.

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