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The various scenes from the story of Raphael and Tobias in the Book
of Tobit (a book of Scripture included in the Roman Catholic canon
of the Old Testament and in the Protestant Apocrypha) have been
represented in the works of artists of all nations, including several
notable paintings by Rembrandt. In the story of Tobit, Tobias’s father
sends his son to recover a sum of money to provide for his wife after
his death. During his journey, the young Tobias, guided by an angel,
catches a fish with whose liver he later restores his father’s eyesight.
With the help of the angel, who is disguised as a mortal man, he
recovers the money, then takes a wife, with whom he returns home. It
is not until the end of the adventure that Raphael reveals his angelic
character and, having fulfilled his mission, returns to heaven.

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