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In the 1950s, toward the latter part of psychologist Carl Jung’s lifetime,
this great theorist became interested in the flying saucer phenomenon,
particularly regarding the archetypal themes reflected in
certain kinds of UFO literature. Much secular thinking about UFOs
embodies quasi-religious themes. For example, stories of encounters
with space beings often feature messages—especially as warnings—to
earthlings from advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. In this messagebearing
role, they perform the central defining function of angels.
Another such theme is the notion that the world is on the verge of
destruction and that ufonauts are somehow going to rescue humanity,
either by forcibly preventing a nuclear Armageddon or by taking
select members of the human race to another planet to preserve the
species. In this redemptive activity, UFOs were again playing a role
traditionally reserved for angels. Jung referred to the latter portrayal of
flying saucers when he coined the expression “technological angels.”

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