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The connection between the seasons and angels comes from the
medieval tendency to associate almost everything with angels. In the
same way in which angels were said to rule the months and rule the
hours of the day, there were angels who ruled the seasons. Gustav
Davidson, in an appendix to his Dictionary of Angels, reproduces an
occult schema of angel/season associations that contains angels with
unfamiliar names:
Governing angel: Spugliguel (head of the sign of spring); Serving
angels: Amatiel, Caracasa, Core, Commissoros
Governing angel: Tubiel (head of the sign of summer); Serving
angels: Gargatel, Gaviel, Tariel
Governing angel: Torquaret (head of the sign of autumn); Serving
angels: Tarquam, Guabarel
Governing angel: Attarib (head of the sign of winter); Serving
angels: Amabael, Cetarari (Ctarari)
A more traditional schema is to associate each of the principal
archangels with each of the seasons: Raphael/spring, Uriel/summer,
Michael/fall, and Gabriel/winter.

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