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Salamanders (not to be confused with amphibians by the same name)
are fairy-like creatures associated with the element fire. They are said
to be “fiery” beings with the appearance of lizards and to reside deep in
the earth and in fires. They are responsible for all fires, from the tiniest
flame to the most dramatic volcanic eruption. In the occult tradition,
fire is associated with activity and with inspiration, and fire elementals
(including salamanders) are said to work with human beings
to maintain their vitality, inspiration, and enthusiasm.
As the archetypal spirits of the fire element, salamanders are
occupied with maintaining the heat of the Earth. In ceremonial
magic salamanders are the fire elementals of the South, who are
called upon to witness rituals. The task of the elementals, like that
of the nature devas, is to build up forms in the natural world, thus
providing an arena in which other beings, such as human souls,
can evolve spiritually. Some occultists view elementals as soulless
entities who simply disappear at death, but others see them as spirits
who eventually evolve into devas (angels). Because they are
associated with fire, salamanders are under the rulership of the
archangel Michael.

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