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Raziel has been referred to as “the secret of God” and the “angel of
mysteries.” The Cabala reports Raziel as the personification of
Cochma, second of the ten holy sefiroth. He is also said to be the
author of the Book of the Angel Raziel (although the true author has
been commonly identified as either Isaac the Blind or Eleazar of
Worms, both medieval writers).
According to the legend, Raziel gave this book to Adam, which
was eventually stolen by envious angels and thrown into the ocean.
Then God allegedly ordered Rahab, angel of the deep, to retrieve the
book and return it to Adam. The book came into the possession of,
first, Enoch, and then Noah, who is said to have learned from it how
to build the ark. Later, King Solomon derived his knowledge of magic
from it.
The famous thirteenth-century Cabalist Abraham ben Samuel
Abulafia also wrote under the name Raziel.
In the Jewish philosopher Maimonides’ Mishna Thora (1168),
Raziel is pictured as the chief of the order of erelim, as well as the herald
of the Deity and the preceptor angel of Adam.

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