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Chief of thunder, Ramiel has charge of the souls that come up for
judgment on the last day, although in Enoch’s writings he is reported
as both a holy angel and a fallen one. In The Syriac Apocalypse of
Baruch Ramiel is regarded as the presider over true visions and is the
angel who interprets Baruch’s vision, in which Baruch appears as the
angel who destroys Sennacherib’s hosts.
Ramiel is also mentioned in Milton’s Paradise Lost as being overcome
by Abdiel on the first day of fighting in heaven. He is regarded
as evil, being on the side of Satan. It has been said that Milton coined
the name Ramiel as well as Ithuriel, Zophiel, and Zephon, although
these names have come to light in early apocryphal, apocalyptical,
and Talmudic sources.

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