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The principalities are the legions of angels who protect religions.
They are the seventh choir in the Dionysian hierarchy, immediately
above archangels. The principalities provide strength to the tribes of
Earth to pursue and endure their faith. In the Epistle to the Trallians,
composed in the second century A.D., St. Ignatius the Martyr speaks of
the “hierarchy of principalities.” Dionysius stated that this choir
“watched over the leaders of people.” They are also reported to be the
guardians over the nations of the world. The choice of this term as
well as the term powers for choirs of God’s angels is somewhat problematic
in that the Letter to the Ephesians refers to the “hosts of
wickedness in high places” against which Christians have to struggle
as “principalities” and “powers” (Eph. 6:12).
Among those considered “chief” of the principalities are Nisroch,
originally an Assyrian deity considered in occult writings to be the
chief chef to the Demon Princes of Hell; and Anael, one of the seven
angels of creation.

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